“Let's keep the wind singing in both ears, and pray for the courage to interpret and act upon what it brings to us.”

-Angus H. MacLean

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Chalice Lighting (Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson)

Welcome & Call to Order (President Misty Kirkman)

Appoint Parliamentarian  (President Misty Kirkman)

Daniel Finkenthal was appointed parliamentarian.

Confirm Quorum (President Misty Kirkman)

Misty announced a quorum was present.

Agenda Review  (President Misty Kirkman)

Treasurer’s Report  (Finance Director Tim Peirce)

Tim stated that overall the Fellowship will have a good year although he’s concerned that the General Fund (our “cash on hand”) appears to be shrinking.  He suggested more fund-raising activities are needed, and Jon Schwestka, president-elect, has volunteered to coordinate further fund-raising efforts.

Tim said assets are divided into four major funds: General, Building, Memorial, and Endowment. Detailed handouts on income and expenses were available. In response to a question form the floor, he said our “fair share” UUA dues are approximately $10,000, of which we have paid $7,000.

Fund Raising (President Misty Kirkman for Jon Schwestka)

President’s Message  (President Misty Kirkman)

Misty reviewed the major activities of the past year and discussed fund raising for Jon Schwestka, who had been called out of town. She pointed out that, thanks to the bequest of Elaine Landau, the kitchen will be renovated and a labyrinth will be created on our grounds. She also pointed out that our second largest fund-raiser, the Metaphysical Faire, is coming up. This fundraiser benefits PUUF, not SEE (Spiral Earth Explorations), the group which is responsible for the event.

Honoring Christopher Miller (Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson)

A certificate was given to Christopher Miller in recognition of his many years of service as webmaster. It was pointed out that many newcomers to our congregation report they decided to come after perusing our well-designed, welcoming website.

Strategic Planning  (Brad Dre, Chair)

Brad announced the names of members of the Strategic Planning Committee: Rev. Beth Johnson, Brenda Balmer, Dan Stracka, Kathleen Moscato, Marianne Swift-Gifford, and Rachel Rott. He announced a series of “cottage meetings” will be held at PUUF. All are encouraged to attend one of the sessions. Meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • Tuesday, Feb. 10, 10 AM-noon
  • Wednesday, Feb. 18, 6:30-8:30 PM
  • Sunday, Feb. 22, 12:30-2:30 PM

Communications Committee  (Past President David Cochran)

David announced the Communications Committee deals with both internal and external communications, including the Internet. Patrick Staight has been appointed Communications Committee chair.

Hands of Peace (Eileen Maurer)

Eileen is coordinator in this region for Hands of Peace (HOP), a program designed to facilitate communication between Israeli and Palestinian youth who come to the U.S. to participate in the program. She announced local host families are needed for both student participants and adult leaders for the program which runs from July 9-27. Applications to participate must be submitted by Feb. 15. Eileen also discussed the creation of the mural which has been proposed as part of the HOP program. The mural would be painted on part of our building, and she invited members to discuss their views with her prior to a decision being made.

Reproductive Justice Task Force (Beth Hastings/Bobbie Upson)

Beth Hastings introduced the UUA draft Statement of Conscience (SOC) on Reproductive Justice and announced the association has developed an extensive curriculum for congregations to use in forming their own Study Action Groups. Congregations are asked to vote on whether to put the proposed SOC on the final agenda for the 2015 General Assembly.

Beth also announced the PUUF Reproductive Task Force will hold a series of six workshops based on this curriculum in the spring. Those interested in participating should contact Bobbie Upson or Beth.

UUA Statement of Conscience

“As Unitarian Universalists, we embrace the reproductive justice framework, which espouses the right to have children, not have children, and parent children in safe and healthy environments. To this we add that all people have the right to bodily autonomy and self-expression with regards to their gender and sexuality.”

The statement further lays out the history of UU support of civil rights and the rights of women, discusses the theological grounding of the Statement of Conscience, and provides a list of actions we can take as individuals and congregations in the wider world.

The congregation voted to approve placing the SOC on the GA agenda by a vote of 79-0 with no abstentions.

Extinguishing Chalice  (President Misty Kirkman)

Adjournment  (President Misty Kirkman)

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