“We know the future will outlast all of us, but I believe that all of us will live on in the future we made.”

-Senator Ted Kennedy

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On this page you can access the Stewardship Bulletins that are being published regularly through June 2012 to keep the congregation abreast of the work being done at Town Hall meetings and Work Groups. All members and friends that benefit from the wonderful programs and services of Palomar Fellowship are asked to participate in this important and uplifting work.

Please contact Stewardship Task Force Facilitator John Rott with questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are building a new way through gratitude, generosity and giving.

By sharing in the stewardship of our Beloved Community, we knit together the fabric of community, and continually create a space for all of us to thrive, and for those yet to come.

Download State of the Fellowship PDF

An overview of the March 3 Stewardship Work Group, and next steps of the Task Forces.

A big thanks goes out to members of the congregation that attended the March 3 Stewardship Work Group. Attendees split into three Task Forces: Fundraising, Budget and Pledge. After working separatately for a little over an hour, the groups reconvened to report back on their progress and decide next steps.

Download State of the Fellowship PDF

An overview of the February 19 Stewardship Retreat, and how to do your part in our next steps together.

Attendees of the Stewardship Retreat and Town Hall participated in three sessions: Fundraising, Pledge, and Budget, where they asked questions and brainstormed possible ideas for each of the three areas.

Download State of the Fellowship PDF

An overview of the January 29 Congregational Meeting, and our next steps as a community.

We would like to invite you into community; to invite you into deeper covenant; and to invite you to share the discomfort and urgency that the Executive Board has been wrestling with for the past seven months about our budget; and to invite you into the communal work of discerning our next steps together.

Download State of the Fellowship PDF